A short history of brewing in Branná

The Kolštejn Minibrewery is a modern time successor to the broken tradition of local beer brewing. The records of brewing in Branná are scarce, therefore we would like to present the most interesting of the few preserved information on this page.

 The history of Branná was shaped by the famous House of Zierotin (Žerotín). It was also during their rule (specifically during the rule of Karel senior and later Jan junior), when the history of brewing industry in Branná began. There is a piece of written evidence dating back to 1575 that describes the town as having a castle, three mills and, moreover, a brewery. In 1591 the castle is newly described as a chateau named Goldstejn (from the German Goldenstein – „golden stone“). The name was in the past also used for the whole town and later it was adapted into Czech as Kolštejn.

With the Kolštejn Minibrewery we have decided to revive the legacy of brewing started by the Zierotins more than 430 years ago.