About The Kolstejn Minibrewery

The Kolštejn Minibrewery is situated in the centre of the town Branná, on one of the most beautiful town squares in Jeseníky region. The town itself lies in an area frequently visited by tourists all over the world.

The Kolštejn Minibrewery is located within the Kolštejn Restaurant and it is a part of a larger complex – Relax Centre Kolštejn.

The building of the brewery began in 2012 and then in 2013 the production started. On the 28th March 2013 the brewery received an official blessing and was christened three months later (28th June 2013).


Making Our Beer

Our facility is divided into two sections: on the ground floor there is a brew kettle with the capacity of 500 litres, and in the underground cellar there are six cylindroconical fermentation tanks and two open fermentation vessels.

Our beer is of lager type – it is fermented and conditioned at low temperatures with bottom-cropping yeast. Presently we are offering beer of Czech (Pilsner) type of varying colour and strength (pale lager Bran with 12% ABV, semi-dark lager Dolmen with 11% ABV).


Our beer is brewed according to the traditional method of decoction mashing with two steps. The main part of the fermentation process takes place in open fermentation vessels. We are also considering producing top-fermented beer, in particular wheat beer, in the future.


Our beer is not pasteurized or filtered, it is free of any artificial preservatives, food colourings and stabilizers, thanks to which it maintains a high amount of B vitamins, micronutrients, proteins and other compounds favourable or even essential for human nutrition.

Our beer is also made from ingredients produced exclusively in the Czech Republic.