Our beer is produced with an effort to meet the demand of general public and to satisfy the taste of different sort of customers. The seasonal demand is also taken into consideration – the stronger, 11 % and stronger beer is offered during the winter and spring months, while the 10% is reserved for the summer.

Our main product is 12 % pale lager called Bran.


Bran – 12% pale lager

The recipe for this beer was created in the beginning of 2013. The beer is made from two types of malt and two varieties of hops, and it is characterised by a rich flavour, pleasant smell and mild bitterness, which are combined to create a perfectly harmonious taste. The overall visual and gustatory impression is completed by rich, white and creamy foam. All these properties are achieved through the usage of first-rate ingredients and professional working methods. 


Dolmen – 11% semi-dark lager

This beer is characterised especially by mild caramel taste, the colour is of a subtle shade of garnet. The recipe was created in March 2013, three types of malt and one variety of hops was used for brewing.


You are invited to taste our beer in the Kolštejn Restaurant, where it is served right from the lager tanks. The Restaurant also offers the possibility to buy our beer in labelled plastic bottle (1 litre) and in a keg (5 litres, the keg must be ordered at least 24 hours beforehand), or to fill your own jar, bottle or another container with our beer right from the tank.